• International Graduate (MA) Program in Contemporary China Studies
  • China-Russia Joint Institute 5th Annual International Workshop for Young Academic Elites
  • 刘军院长在国际关系与地区发展研究院2018届毕业典礼上的致辞
  • 国关院兼职教授、美国弗吉尼亚大学林奇教授在2018届毕业典礼上的发言
  • SHINE:Pudong seeks to woo foreign graduates at recruitment fair
  •  Valdai International Discussion Club (冯绍雷对话普京)
  • Professor Yu Bin of Wittenberg University visited SAIAS
  • the fourth Valdai Symposium on Sino-Russian Relations
  • Development of Russia's Far East

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Orientated to research in international relations and regional issues, the School of Advanced International and Area Studies (SAIAS) of East China Normal University is an advanced research institute dedicated to training and educating Master’s and PhD candidates (including international students) in the field of international studies.

The SAIAS focuses its research on Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, the European Union, as well as such related areas as great power relations, trans-Atlantic relations, cross-Taiwan Strait relations, social transition, international relations theory, and multinational corporation studies.

The SAIAS-affiliated institutions include: the Center for Russian Studies (a national key research base for humanities and social sciences under the Ministry of Education of PRC); the Think-Tank Center of Shanghai-based Universities (with a focus on China’s neighboring areas); the Institute of Cross-Taiwan Strait Relations; the Center for European Studies; the Center for Belarusian Studies; and the Center for Multinational Corporation Studies. In addition, the SAIAS hosts an editorial board for the Journal of Russian Studies and the Overseas Workshop of the High School of Economics of Russia.

Presently, the SAIAS has 30 faculty members, including 8 full professors, 7 associate professors, and 10 assistant professors. Six faculty members have teaching experiences in overseas universities. Twenty-three faculty members hold PhD degrees in various areas of social sciences. Eleven faculty members earned their PhDs from overseas universities. The SAIAS faculty is assisted by an able staff of five office administrators.  

Aiming to bring its research and teaching to an ever-higher level, and with openness and internationalization as its guideline, the SAIAS is committed to undertaking research and training projects, offering consultation services, bringing in excellent talents and facilitating international cooperation and exchange. Currently, it hosts a PhD and a Master’s program in international relations, as well as a Master’s program in Contemporary China Studies (for international students only).

The SAIAS is headed by the Dean, Prof. Liu Jun. Other members of the executive committee include Prof. Bei Wenli (party secretary), Lu Jing (deputy party secretary), Zhang Xin (assistant to the Dean), and Chen Jing (chief of staff).


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Addr: A406 Science Building, No. 3663,Zhongshan Road (N.) Shanghai, 200062

Tel: +86-21-62232113

Email: jchen@saias.ecnu.edu.cn

Contact: Chen Jing