International symposium on the subject of “One Belt One Road:China,Turkey,Europeand the World.”

On February 14, 2017, SAIAS hosted an international symposium on the subject of “One Belt One Road:China,Turkey,Europeand the World.” Tugrul Atamer, a professor and vice-president ofEmlyonBusinessSchool(France), delivered the keynote speech entitled “Turkeyand the OBOR.” 

On March 25, 2017,EastChinaNormalUniversityhosted the opening ceremony of the Two-Rivers Union of Collaborative Think-Tanks as well as the first forum of the think-tanks concerned. The term “Two-Rivers” refers to the areas alongChina’s Yangtze River andRussia’sVolgaRiver. The forum concentrates on current trends in and future prospects of economic and cultural cooperation between the Two-Rivers regions concerned. It also offers a venue for in-depth discussions on the plans of collaboration between the think-tanks located in the Two-Rivers regions.

Participants in the forum included: Gui Congyou, director of the Department of European-Central Asian Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China; Professor Wang Rongming, vice-president of ECNU; Professor Feng Shaolei, director of the Center for Russian Studies at ECNU; Professor Liu Jun, director of SAIAS; leading officials from various departments in charge of Russia-related affairs in Shanghai and six Chinese provinces along the Yangtze River; scholars, experts, and representatives of business enterprises interested in Russia. Altogether, the forum attracted over 50 participants. Professor Feng Shaolei chaired the opening ceremony.  

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